Monday, July 22, 2013

Join us on a Hippie Picnic!

What's better in the summer than escaping for a few hours with some good food, good friends, and great fun?? Here are some awesome Hippie goodies to bring along on a picnic! Pop a squat and take a look, and watch out for frisbees! 

" I would wear this necklace, because it is jolly, and you should always be jolly on a picnic!"
Kathy from Uneek Southpaw

" I would bring this backpack for the children to carry their toys in to keep them busy while the adults relax"
Paula from Oak Needle 

"I would bring these because snowballs are fun, and not just for winter "
Lisa from ArtisticFunk

"I would LOVE to go on a hippie picnic...and what would I take? my PERFECT accessory would be my Hippie Mukluk 100% Cotton Slipper Socks With Funky Pink Tutu Trim!!! they'd be great on the grass and so comfy and they'd LIVEN the joint UP! (I'd also bring my funky green bracelet b/c I just would NOT be able to resist!!) FUN! where shall we meet!!!??"
Wow! What a great bunch of goodies to take a long with us! What's your favorite thing to take on a picnic? I always love a good book! ... and of course potato salad!! I hope you're all having a wonderful summer and get to go on a hippie picnic of your very own really soon. We have to enjoy that sunshine while we can! See ya next week :) 
X's and O's,


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Member Monday Group Share; Hippie Newsprint goodies

Happy Hump Day Hippies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! This week's theme was all about Black and White. There's something so classical and chic about a great black or white piece, so when you find both - it really can become a staple piece in your wardrobe or home decor. Especially since both colors go so well with everything! Here are a few of the Hippie Peaceniks favorite black and white items. I hope you enjoy hearing a little back story about the items and enjoy the collection!

Deana from GroovyGreenGlass

" My fave B&W item is this pendant made from a Grey Goose bottle. The geese flying over the mountain is just so.... freeing!"

Fiona from TheHappyMushroom 

Mens pendant necklace, black and white, hypnos spiral


"This black and white pendant looks like it could be used to hypnotize someone! It is pretty funky and I can see a young guy wearing it, maybe to a rave or a festival or just out and about. It incorporates a clear glass 'nugget' with the big spiral underneath which kind of acts like a lens, really bringing out and showing the pattern. I love spirals and when I make a spiral cane, especially in strong contrasting colors, I am inspired to stick it on everything!"




Alison from BeadsByAlison

White hemp necklace, black beads


" This is my fav black and white. I imagine someone who loves nature and being clean and organic, as I do, will purchase this item. I was inspired to make this by my creative pull."




Dawn from AbundantEarthWorks  



Agate Druzy 999 Fine Silver Pendant


"This is my absolute favorite black and white pendant because it features Druzy an amazing natural formation of a blanket of tiny crystals which sparkle and reflect light from every direction. This stone is especially good for calming and increasing courage, so I envision this pendant being worn by someone who has stress in their life and needs a little relaxation, grounding and optimism."




Lisa from ArtisticFunk  


Even Taller Boot Cuff Socks , Slouchy Socks 



" I was inspired by an intangible bohemian rhapsody spirit I've been searching for to infuse all my accessories; once I did the trim and dangles for the socks I saw I had IT!!! ? I imagine it being purchased by peeps looking for a fresh interpretation of funk that can be seen and make 'em stand out in a crowd!"




Deni from Cutterstone  


Black Flower Necklace with Clear Rhinestones



"Love this vintage necklace! Great retro piece! This would be a fabulous wedding or formal piece."




Jill from WhisperingMetalworks 



Wind chime with re purposed vintage silver plated flatware


 "This wind chime is black, bold, and beautiful. It's Black Labradorite black and white colored stone beads make for an unusual appearance. Anyone that enjoys the mystery of a garden would appreciate this piece! It was inspired by our love of re-purposing, and the popularity of tea pots as garden art."




Kathy from UneekSouthpaw  


Keepsake doll, Americana


"Always thought that the usual colors for rag dolls were boring. So I made this for the person with the unusual taste"




Aren't they all fantastic? You can find more of the amazing black and white styles of the Hippie Peaceniks in this week's member treasury, just click right HERE.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find :) 

  As always, I hope your week is wonderful and you have plenty of smiles and happy days the rest of the week! Take care, and share the love! If we keep our little part of the world happy and tidy, it adds up to some pretty great things! 

On a personal note - My 10 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I plan on having a sale in my shop until Friday. You can find the link to my shop below, and the 50% coupon to  use at checkout is BIGTEN

Smiles and lots of love,

Lulu from DivineLuluCreations 



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hippie Peaceniks Member Monday: Baby you're a firework!

Good morning Hippie friends and family! I hope you're all having a great start to another wonderful week! Today I'm going to share with you some amazing finds within the Hippie Peaceniks team on Etsy, all perfect to wear this month for some summer fun and July 4th spirit! I hope you enjoy browsing through all the "fireworks" as much as I did this morning! First up, let's see what Deni from Cutterstone is up to for the 4th!

"This year we're traveling to Gardnerville, NV to spend the day with hubby's 92 YO father. Didn't work it out that way, just happened. They won't have fireworks but they have a chalk art fest happening in the local park. Should be nice. No traditions...since the kids have grown, it's been too quiet on the holidays!"

Here's a great piece from Deni, perfect for summer! You can use coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout to get free shipping!

And here are some more wonderfully red summer fun MUST HAVES from the Hippie Peaceniks, you can view the treasury and buy from HERE. 

Sending you all many happy wishes, warm thoughts and hugs, and lots of laughter and love this week! I hope you have a fabulous 4th of July! 



Monday, June 24, 2013

Hippie Peaceniks: A few of our favorite things

Good morning!! I hope everyone has woken up this morning ready to take on the world! Thank you for starting your day off with the Hippie Peaceniks Etsy Team. Once a week, I ask the Facebook Group a few questions and include their answers in this blog. I think that knowing the person behind the product is one of my favorite reasons to keep shopping on Etsy. When you make things with your hands or find special items to pass on and give a new life, I think a part of you goes with the item. Every single piece has a story and life of it's own and as a creator it's really exciting to imagine the new owner wearing your product and living their life in it, adding to it's story. Inspiration comes from every where, here's a few examples of just that. Check out the shops and items below, you won't be disappointed! 

"What's your favorite item in your shop? Why is it your favorite? How did  you come to own it or how were you inspired to create it? What sets your shop and items apart from the competition?"

Deni from Cutterstone

Huge Amber and Sterling Artisan Drop Tongue Pendant Vintage Estate

" I am not a huge amber fan, but this piece is so large and artistic, and I do love the colors. This is a vintage piece we picked up in one of our buying sprees. As for our shop, I'm sure there are many out there that can rival us, but hubby has a lot of jewelry knowledge which definitely helps in choosing and making new pieces. He can also repair or upcycle imperfect pieces. We may be a little behind the times though....LOL."




Fiona from TheHappyMushroom 



Sugar skull long necklace

"Today this is my favorite item in my shop. It is a sugar skull, Day of the Dead festival themed necklace in bright, fun colors. I usually create my own bright, colorful beads but the assorted glass and stone beads on here come from various sources. They just jumped out at me as they were all so colorful and jolly and said 'turn me into something fabulous!'. I love sugar skulls and so I embellished dome stone skull beads I had so they had glittery, flowery eyes. I combined them with some very fancy glass lampwork beads which had a wonderful festival feel to them with their colors, stripes and patterns. It is a lovely long, bold statement necklace, really unique and unusual. Almost everything in my shop is a one of a kind creation and I like to make each piece really special. I focus on design and quality construction and put a big dollop of love into everything I make."





Jennifer of JClaireP

Vintage Owl Stickpin

"This is a favorite of mine. It is a 1970's Sterling Silver, Turquoise and stone owl stick pin and I was lucky enough to come across it at a yard sale. This particular yard sale was AMAZING because the owner was an AVID owl collector in the 1970's and the items she had to offer were just fabulous! I was so so excited when I found this sale! These are the type of items I enjoy hunting for and that is why I think my vintage items are unique. I really look for rare or unique items and I so enjoy the stories behind them. Every item, piece, linen...anything... has a story behind it. These items will get passed from person to person to enjoy and that is why vintage is a bit of a passion of mine. You never know what the next story will be!"
Holly from TakeTwoBabyQuilts

"This quilt is my favorite so far because I love the bright colors and patterns."
This week I decided to answer my own question, so you can check that out on my personal blog HERE, if you like. I hope everyone has an amazing start to their week and it just keeps getting better! Until next week, smile and pass it on! A smile is like a happy seed, if you keep watering it - Joy WILL grow!
X's and O's